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Jennifer Rexford Oil Spill Agitprop Video Debunked as Fraud

I live in South Louisiana, have spoken with those on the front-lines of the cleanup efforts and I am EXTREMELY skeptical of the credibility of Jennifer Rexford's claims made in a series of bizarre but apparently fictional YouTube videos.

Rexford is the ostensible identity of the woman who released a series of YouTube videos in which she fires off a litany of allegations involving her health and supposed misdeeds by British Petroleum (BP). These include an array of what she described as "symptoms" including but not limited to death.

The woman purporting to be Jennifer Rexford charges that she came down from her home in Florida to help with the cleanup and Gulf restoration efforts. She claims she has succumbed to a bizarre combination of severe symptoms resulting in death, although she did not specify if death had already occurred, was likely to occur or may occur at some point in the future.

In late October - when the cleanup efforts were wrapping up and well before residents and cleanup workers had five-plus months to recover from whatever ill-effects they did incur as a result of contact with oil and tarballs breathing in whatever fumes were present since the cleanup ended - I represented a top statewide elected official at a meeting of the Louisiana Shrimp Association in Buras, Louisiana. The shrimpers and fishermen were the initial first-responders and performed the bulk of the cleanup work, and virtually all of the high-risk work.

For almost two hours I sat and listened to the concerns being expressed by those on the front lines and not once did any of the 150 or so people in attendance express any concerns about their post-spill health some six months after they had begun their cleanup work.

[Photo: Jennifer Rexford, the woman behind the bizarre but apparently fictional videos]
If anyone should have suffered debilitating illness as a direct result of the spill it should have been the shrimpers, fishermen and oystermen of Southeast Louisiana. If anyone participating in the cleanup effort were to have come down with oil spill-related symptoms such as those described in the woman in that video it would have happened when they were being repeatedly exposed to the oil and had high levels of the associated contaminants in their symptoms.

The exception would be the potential the spill may have for contributing to multifactorial diseases such as cancer that could manifest themselves at some point into the indefinite future. Note the key words here are potential, may and contributing. The illnesses that would fall into this category are widely understood to be the product of a number of factors including but not limited to diet, lifestyle, genetics and any instances of unusual or extraordinary exposure to toxins, contaminants and such.

The shrimpers expressed concerns about the fact that it isn't known whether or not their involvement in the cleanup efforts will CONTRIBUTE to the development of diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's and others later on in life. No one once indicated that after six months of cleanup work they had experienced any noticeable ill effects from their work in the Gulf recovery efforts.

If indeed this woman's claims were valid, there would have been other examples from some of the thousands of people who had significantly higher levels of exposure than the woman in the agitprop video.

In addition to all that, there is the question of what if any effect the cleanup work had to do with the the woman's condition and its associated symptoms.

Severe neurological damage, paralysis, internal bleeding and death were the "symptoms" listed by the D-list propagandist appearing in the video. Nobody has contacted the local media or any of the numerous high-ranking elected officials both on a local and state-wide effort with whom I am close with. People who worked in the cleanup would be calling Billy Nungesser's office, the office of Senator David Vitter, Mary Landrieu's office and Bobby Jindal's office and demanding they take action, which I know for a fact any of the four above absolutely would should such a matter be brought to their attention (and be truthful and valid).

The woman made no mention of --- wait for it --- going to see a doctor.  It would seem logical that someone experiencing severe neurological damage, paralysis, internal bleeding and death would maybe consider going to the ER and getting a diagnosis and ostensibly medicines and/or whatever other treatments are needed to stabilize and/or cure the condition. [Side-note: It's taking everything I've got right now to refrain from writing in all caps and ending my sentences with series of exclamation points. The degree of this pathetic clown's bullshit may be eligible for a place in the Guinness Book of Records.]

The scary clown mentioned absolutely ZERO names of towns, parishes, locales and jurisdictions that would have inevitably come up had a real Louisiana local or out-of-town volunteer (or paid) cleanup worker been involved with the video. She did not mention Billy Nungesser's name, which she would have done had she been telling the truth.

Her story is completely inconsistent with the hundreds of people I've personally spoken with who actually were involved with the cleanup efforts, her symptoms are inconsistent with exposure to petro-chemicals, inconsistent with the symptoms of actual illnesses and inconsistent with each other.

This woman is 100% full of shit and needed to be called on it.

Due to the incendiary nature of this woman's agitprop, I decided it was best not to embed the video into this post or even link to it. The fact that over 16,000 people have already viewed it is troubling enough, and I don't think it merits the additional exposure. I will provide the URL though for anyone who wishes to assess the video for themselves:

UPDATE: Bullshit Called on Jennifer Rexford Story

UPDATE 2:Why Newspapers Won't Report Jennifer Rexford's Claims


  1. Thats why I recorded my general forman a 20 retired sheriffs deputie as well. And that is my real name the name my father gave me and also. I recorded how many times I have been to the doctors! Is that the best you got! I have never posted anything on the internet before that is why I used You Tube! Man you are sad! Why woulkd I call bobbbie Jindal

  2. I know Jen personally and you could not be more wrong.

  3. wow no comments here either...shows ya how many ppl agree with you !! NONE lol

  4. why don't you go and look up the ppl that have DIED from this that worked on the clean up crews...or is that a little to real for you!!

  5. still waiting for a pro or a con ...on your write up...guess no one likes what u said!!

  6. just as i thought...well i am done..cuz no one is bothering with you or your write up!! lol...

  7. i am surprised there are no comments here. why is that?

  8. Fat Fester,

    Your blog has been introduced to those on the Gulf Coast calling their symptoms fictitious. You're not very well liked, you should have spoken to them before 'smearing' them. If you won't contact them, I'll see if they might contact you....

  9. If you cared enough before damning a victim, you would have investigated and found the videos of Jennifer clearly showing her toxicology reports from her hospital bed!

    Your behavior is a disgrace to humanity.

  10. Seems the fraud in the videos has plenty of time to comment-spam my blog with comedic hate-mail but still can't get a newspaper to take her seriously.

    Listen honey, you should be thanking me right now. I may have ripped apart your credibility, but you'll probably get more publicity out of these posts than anywhere else your melodramatic mockumentary appears.

  11. hey FAT!! have you not paid attention ...NOTHING in the Gulf is being covered...the only thing happening there is a cover up and YOU my ....are part of it....don't call the kettle black till you know all your facts...a good blogger would have contacted Ms Rexford and many others that are sick and some that have died..and posted a real story instead of slamming a very sick young lady..!! You did not research enough to pass judgement on her or others...and as far as the media...and the gov't they could give a rats arsh about what is going on...they do NOT really want the people to know!! So put that in your pipe and smoke it...maybe when you grow up you will have compassion!! To join the human race and care!!

  12. @Anonymous

    The daily newspaper I read every morning had Gulf oil spill and BP-related stories on its front page as well as a total of 3-4 interior pages in addition to the homepage on average for about nine (9) months after the spill. Even today, the paper averages about 8-12 cleanup/BP related stories per week, and only a rare, scant few of them cast an even remotely flattering light on the oil giant.

    Not sure where you've been the past year but this was been unquestionably the biggest news topic of 2010. It makes the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, the war in Libya and the Japanese earthquake look like filler content by comparison to the coverage the oil spill received and cleanup received and are still receiving despite every environmental and scientifically measurable quality having shown no lasting harm from the spill and a Gulf of Mexico that is as healthy and vibrant as ever one year later.

  13. Jennifer, I am going to ask you to provide some specific information about your purported story. If indeed your story does check out, I will do the following:

    * Remove the previous two posts addressing this topic
    * Issue a formal and public retraction and apology
    * See that the story gets picked up by a major national or regional newspaper as well as wire services within not more than 72 hours following my receiving the information
    * Establish a charitable fund in your name to help with your medical expenses and make a $100 opening donation

    If, as I am expecting, you will be unable to pass the upcoming credibility test, public record will show that your story was debunked beyond the possibility for interpretation.

    In the ostensible event that your described medical condition is accurate (as is proven through correspondence with your medical caretakers and verification of their identities and contact information), albeit not a result of Gulf cleanup work, I will still establish the charitable fund and make the $100 donation --- IF --- you do the following:

    A) Admit you lied and made up the part about your medical condition (if that even checks out) being related to the Gulf oil spill or the ensuing cleanup efforts - both here in a guest post on this blog as well as on your own site and in a YouTube video
    B) Apologize to the people of the State of Louisiana, the Gulf Coast region, BP and anyone else who may have read your claims and/or watched your videos
    C) Delete all Youtube Videos alleging your condition is related to Gulf cleanup work and any websites and/or blog posts claiming likewise
    D) Agree to use social media more responsibly in the future


  14. For one I did not post any comment but the first one two. I never claimed to come down to louisianna to help with clean up , three I recored and dociumnented all of my hospital visits as well as my paperwork I will not apologogize fat ass hat. I will continue to stand and fight for my fellow co workers no matter what ass hats like you come out. I have been contacted by CNN and other you just aint seen it yet. Leave me alone. I have already copyrighted my name and I am calling my lawer today for you are in violation of it. I recorded my pay stubs I recored my work shirts I recorded my boss you ass hat. You are a waist of my time

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Let the record show that the reason no media has picked up your story is because your story is bullshit. You're another useful idiot trying your hand at Soviet-style agitprop.

    When given a chance to corroborate your lies, you publicly balked. You are society's lowest form of scum and I am proud to have publicly exposed you for the fraud, scam and liar that you are.

  17. Something about her makes me very skeptical. Its only natural that someone is going to try to cash in on the BP accident. Cheers for critical thinking! I am embarrased I even had her videos in my favorites.


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