Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Newspapers Won't Report Jennifer Rexford's Claims

Those of you who have been following the Jennifer Rexford agitprop scam are in for a real treat in this post.  Now might be a good time to go get some pretzels and a cold soda and get comfortable so you can maximize the enjoyment of watching as I demonstrate exactly why no news agency is willing to print Jennifer's "story" in their newspapers, discuss it on their television programs, radio shows, websites, blogs and any other medium you can think of that I might have missed.

In response to those who have privately questioned why I would even give her story the publicity it is receiving by appearing three different times on this blog, the answer is that I felt it was important that the record show that the woman claiming to be Comrade Rexler's story is complete and utter bullshit, and that she was publicly given a chance to prove otherwise and failed to do so.

The person claiming to be Jennifer Rexford left almost two dozen combined comments on the previous two posts.  The following is my response to those comments:

Re: Comrade Rexford

Comrade Jennifer, I am going to ask you to provide some specific information about your purported story.  If indeed your story does check out, I will do the following:
  • Remove the previous two posts addressing this topic
  • Issue a formal and public retraction and apology
  • See that the story gets picked up by a major national or regional newspaper as well as wire services within not more than 72 hours following my receiving the information
  • Establish a charitable fund in your name to help with your medical expenses and make a $100 opening donation

If, as I am expecting, you will be unable to pass the upcoming credibility test, public record will show that your story was debunked beyond the possibility for interpretation.

Please provide the below-requested information which can be submitted privately by using the form found here (use the "domains" field as you would the "message" or "body" field on a standard form).  If you wish to publicly show that you provided the information requested, you may do so in the "comments" field below.

Please provide the following information:
  • The date at which you began performing Gulf oil spill cleanup restoration efforts
  • The date at which your employment cleanup-related employment ended
  • Your employer (the name of the firm)
  • The name of your immediate supervisor (the one directly above you whom you answer to daily)
  • The name of any other lower, mid and upper level managers/supervisors employed by stated firm involved or associated with the project(s) on which you allegedly worked
  • Your job title
  • Your job responsibilities
  • Specific job duties that placed you most at risk of physically handling oil and oil-related byproducts with your skin, and job duties that placed you at risk of breathing in unhealthy contaminants that you claim caused your litany of medical conditions
  • State of employment
  • Parish or county of employment
  • Name and clinic/work phone number of physician who will state on record that he or she agrees with your stated assessment of your purported conditions and their respective cause(s)
  • Name, floor and unit of the supposed nurse mentioned in your allegations and in your vidoes
  • Hospital in which said events were filmed
  • Name of a physician with whom you had an in-office visit 12-24 months ago
  • Signed waivers (one per person) to be sent via certified mail granting your permission for every medical profession whose name is requested above to speak on-record about your condition (I will pay all costs associated with shipping them)

If you're telling the truth and you really want to let the world know just how badly BP screwed you over, you should have no trouble providing me with the requested information.  Use the form linked to above to send me a private email address at which I can send you a mailing address for the waivers. If you are telling the truth, I will keep my word and uphold the promises listed above.

However, I'm not expecting to receive any much less all of the information needed to verify your claims.  You had asked why I didn't bother contacting you before annihilating your unsubstantiated allegations.  The reason is because you aren't going to send me that information and your claims will never be verified --- the same reason no one else will touch your story with a ten-foot pole.  Your accusations reek of unsubstantiated hearsay.  You have a chance here to prove otherwise, but I'm not holding my breath and neither should anyone else.

I am so confident that you are a disgruntled commie environmentalist wacko who fabricated a story full of nothing but lies and distortions intended to inflict damage to the one region of the country you and your comrades deem the biggest obstacle to your dream of an all-out dystopian socialist takeover that I was willing to place my reputation and social media following on the line and risk being viewed as a bully who picked on the sickly volunteer woman who is suffering symptoms including "severe neurological damage, paralysis, internal bleeding and death" in order to establish for all to see that you are a phony, a fraud and a scam artist.

This is your chance to prove me wrong.  The information needed for independent sources to verify your claims has been formally and publicly requested.  You can publish the requested information here on this blog and across the web proving me wrong and revealing me to be a heartless, soulless defender of big oil.

What if you send me the information but I refuse to publish it and claim not to have received it?  Publish the answers to your questions and a photograph showing that the certified mail was indeed received and another photograph showing the completed waivers along with the alphanumeric sequence 19U&IOF%F818@#7!1$24451L9GH4-23-88YUI71$ contained within the main content area of the page to any other page on the web (blogger, wordpress, tumblr, posterous, amplify and other services offer free blogs and have community features that allow you to quickly build a couple of links to your page/post from elsewhere on the site to ensure it gets indexed by search engines - for example, this would entail clicking "like" on someone else's post at Amplify, or leaving a comment or two).  Readers from this post can search for the specified character string and if you did indeed provide the information anyone reading this post will be quickly able to find it with a quick check of Google.

I've given you every opportunity to prove the validity of your claims and get your story out there.  Will you do the unimaginable and actually prove your accusations; or will the record show that your claims and of yet unsubstantiated allegations be shown to be false beyond any stretch of the imagination or any reasonable interpretation?

In the event of a dispute over whether or not the information was provided:

Search sequence for confirmation of certified shipment of signed waivers: 19U&IOF%F818@#7!1$24451L9GH4-23-88YUI71$

Search for the above sequence of alphanumeric character in the absence of evidence either in the comments below this article or in a future post confirming the truth or falsity of the purported claims by Rexford. The absence of information in the comments section of this post or in a post appearing on this blog seven or more days following this posting can be interpreted as an announcement by myself that she had failed to confirm the details of her story. I've already done three posts on this subject, so unless she surprises me and produces some verifiable facts I'm going to assume it's because her story is bullshit.

However, if she does provide the info, I will uphold my commitments outlined above and retract my two previous posts while issuing a formal apology.

Therefore, if you don't see or hear anything else about this story here on this blog, search for the string of characters.  If you find a page created by the purported Rexford claiming to show confirmation of certified delivery of signed waivers but find nothing on this blog confirming nor denying such a delivery, please notify me in the comments section.  If necessary, the USPS can ultimately state who is telling the truth and who is lying if the delivery were to be contested by either party.  POINT BEING, if this issue finally ends here, that means she failed to provide the info.  If she claims she provided the evidence requested and has proof of certified delivery of the signed waivers on a webpage not on this blog, it means she's likely hoping to claim I received the information but would not acknowledge doing so.  In such an event, the USPS will have proof either way whether or not something was shipped via USCM from her to me, and I will have videotaped recording of me opening envelope/package upon receiving it from her to verify its contents.

It won't matter.  Her story is a steaming pile of bovine excrement and it's not going to check out when given the credibility test.  If she does try to lie about providing the info, someone please inform me so that the authoritative and decisive documents eliminating all doubt can be requested.

NOTE: In the ostensible event that your described medical condition is accurate (as is proven through correspondence with your medical caretakers and verification of their identities and contact information), albeit not a result of Gulf cleanup work, I will still establish the charitable fund and make the $100 donation --- IF --- you do the following:

A) Admit you lied and made up the part about your medical condition (if that even checks out) being related to the Gulf oil spill or the ensuing cleanup efforts - both here in a guest post on this blog as well as on your own site and in a YouTube video

B) Apologize to the people of the State of Louisiana, the Gulf Coast region, BP and anyone else who may have read your claims and/or watched your videos
C) Delete all Youtube Videos alleging your condition is related to Gulf cleanup work and any websites and/or blog posts claiming likewise
D) Agree to use social media more responsibly in the future

Granted, I still have serious doubts about Rexford's purported medical condition that are every bit as significant as my other doubts about her wild and until yet unsubstantiated claims. We shall find out though, as her actions will leave no doubt about exactly which if any parts of her story hold water and which (if not all) do not.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The woman behind the videos commented on one of the previous posts and indicated that she will not be attempting to corroborate her lies about her health and working for the Gulf cleanup effort.

    Let the record show that the reason no media has picked up her story is because her story is bullshit. She's another useful idiot trying her hand at Soviet-style agitprop.

    When given a chance to corroborate your lies, she publicly balked. Liars such as this are society's lowest form of scum and I am proud to have publicly exposed this one for the fraud, scam and liar that she is.


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