Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bullshit Called on Jennifer Rexford Story

The following is an addendum to the previous post appearing here at the World Domination Blog entitled: Jennifer Rexford Oil Spill Agitprop Video Debunked as Fraud.

Here are a couple more points that really don't need driving home as this woman's lack of credibility has already been sufficiently put on display, but I'm going to drive them home anyway.

I majored in so-called "Media Arts" in college. I have worked professionally in journalism as well as in numerous other capacities involving media, not at all excluding the present tense.

Investigative journalists across the country would be fighting each other to the death to get first dibs on a story like this IF IT WERE CREDIBLE - or - if it had a high likelihood of being at least partially true. There is a reason zero legitimate news publications, credible blogs or websites have reported on this.

All of the so-called reporting is coming from Tumblr and other low-end content free blogging services that did little more than rehash the woman's claims without so much as attempting to verify their credibility. The reason no one is taking her seriously despite the fact that more than 16,000 people have viewed her YouTube video. that this woman is completely full of shit and that much is patently obvious to those who specialize in investigative reporting.

There's also a reason she is not coming forward and contacting elected officials and credible news media with her story. Instead, she's relying on an unconfirmed identity that may or may not be her real name. Instead of taking her story to a sympathetic press, she instead finds herself using YouTube, Tumblr and other free online user-generated content services that do not require proof-of-identity and offer no assurance of credibility whatsoever.

I don't necessarily doubt that the woman has severe brain damage as she claims, but it didn't come from performing post oil spill cleanup work.

UPDATE: Why Newspapers Won't Report Jennifer Rexford's Claims


  1. Thats why I recorded my general forman a 20 retired sheriffs deputie as well. And that is my real name the name my father gave me and also. I recorded how many times I have been to the doctors! Is that the best you got! I have never posted anything on the internet before that is why I used You Tube! Man you are sad!

  2. If majored in anything it should have been how to be a human being...You are the one that is a are the one that wants to get your 15 mins in fame...Karma is a wonderful thing or NOT in your case I sure hope you are ready for it when it hits you in the face and usually worse than whom you where hurtful towards!!

    You my friend are the only one with the brain damage!! NOT Jennifer Rexford...get a life ...start really blogging something that is fact and just not your beyond ridiculous thought!!

    Until you walk in someones shoes then who the hell do you think you are to sit in judgement of her or anyone else in your lousy life...

    Waste of a read your blog is!!!

  3. lets see if you censor ppls comments! or if you can handle the heat!

  4. no comments wonder why no one agreeing with you you are the joke!!

  5. How do you know??? do you know her??? Do you walk in her shoes??? How come you have to approve comment if you know the truth????

  6. where is my comment you once sided jerk!! ...afraid to post it up ...shame on me for not agreeing with you!!

  7. Still waiting...well I guess you hold the key and you are censoring every remark...gee I don't see any that agree with you!!! rofl..that tells me a lot!!

    At least when I blog I let ppl state their minds whether I agree with them or not.!!

  8. Come on Lester are u really fat or is it just your ego...if you are going to report you should report both sides...oh but wait prolly no one would read it!! lol...still not seeing good or bad comments here ....hahahaha guess I won't ever read anything else you write!

  9. funny still no comments!! hahahaha can't fight back ..why..come on me your stuff!! lol

  10. wowowowowow 325 am ...not 5 pm my time ...and no one commented not even someone who agreed with you!! lol...ahahahahahahahahaha....why don't you go for a swim in the gulf and eat some seafood and when u get sick too we will show you the same as you have shown her!

  11. And how do we verify your credibility Mr. Fat Lester - if that is indeed your real name -

  12. If you majored in media arts in college, why did you not then seek to interview Ms. Rexford yourself. Before you can cast judgment and openly criticize her on the internet or any other public medium, you could have at least reached out to her for her story. Sir, if your an example of the media, then no wonder it's it such a joke today for it is not the TRUTH you seek.

    Next time you feel the need to critique someone, at least have the professional decency to interview them yourself. I find you behavior just as deplorable and more so then what you accuse of Ms. Rexford.

  13. In the time it took you to write out those 22 hate-mail comments you could have taken your alleged evidence to the media and had it halfway around the world by now.

    But you didn't. You decided to spam the only person who is giving you publicity instead. I wonder why...


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