Wednesday, July 20, 2011

San Francisco Judge Gives Smokers One More Reason to Vote

A radical left-wing activist judge in San Francisco has upheld a discriminatory and unfair 20-cent per-pack tax on cigarettes, providing one more reason to smokers in the City by the Bay to start voting. Specifically, the judge provided San Francisco smokers with an extremely good reason to band together and vote out the thieves and swindlers who enact this sort of discriminatory legislation.

What would voters say if the judge had upheld a $3500 tax on gay marriage that didn't apply to heterosexual marriage? In San Francisco, if that were to happen there would be riots.

Why then does the public turn a blind eye and pretend it's okay to issue taxes on specific people according to their lifestyle? If it's not okay to tax homosexuals for activities that heterosexual people are not taxed for, then it is absolutely and unequivocally unacceptable for governments to tax smokers for cigarettes without taxing non-smokers an equal amount for not smoking.

The launch date for draws nigh. I am still planning to have the site fully operational by the time the 2012 Presidential election really starts to heat up. Hopefully, some of the Nazis in the United States government and local and statewide governments across the country will fall victim to an electoral backlash against politicians who tax smokers.

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