Friday, July 22, 2011

One Thing San Francisco Got Right

As I was reading the news on my computer yesterday morning, I came across a headline in a San Francisco newspaper that would never appear in a Louisiana newspaper about a Louisiana industry or company: "Medical Marijuana Hydroponics Cultivation Company Announces Summer Products," it read.

The first line of the story was even better:
GrowOp Technology, the nation’s first medical marijuana-friendly hydroponics distribution company, announced today the launch of its 2011 summer product line up.
It has always baffled me how a state like California that is so backwards in so many ways could get this one particular issue right-on, while states in the southeastern U.S. that typically play the role of the calm, rational adult in a room full of crying children (New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc.) could get this one so hopelessly wrong.

(Neo-Nazi legislator Ricky Templet thinks he knows better than
God which of God's creations should exist and which should not.)
 So while California is allowing its citizens to enjoy their First Amendment rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (huh huh... I said penis, huh huh huh), and allowing their businesses to function free government intervention in a free market, generating revenue for themselves and the state, Neo-Nazi politicians in bankrupt Louisiana were busy turning back the clock all the way to the 1920's in enacting new prohibitions against recreational mood-altering substances.

Synthetic THC-like compounds have been an extremely popular (and until last week legal) product in Louisiana, as hard-working, tax-paying professionals and laborers would unwind with a little bit of the smokable potpourri, which they could enjoy and still keep their jobs since it wasn't illegal and didn't show up in a drug test.

Apparently, the taxpaying citizens having just a little bit of fun is more than Nazis like Louisiana State Representative Ricky Templet, who sponsored the abomination of legislation that has since become (a very bad) law.

Shame on you Ricky Templet of the National Socialist Party of Louisiana for once again seeing to it that Louisiana remains the laughing stock of the nation. Big Law Enforcement and their crooked lobbyists may increase their annual bribes to your campaign war chest, but you've done a horrible, horrible thing to the state of Louisiana and its citizens. It's a crying shame when California can honestly say that on at least this one issue, the voters and politicians of that state are more levelheaded and not nearly as irrational as a majority of members of Louisiana's state government.

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