Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tchefuncte River Website Now Live

It is my pleasure to be able to announce today that, a website about the Tchefuncte River, is now live.  The site was build in just a few days, but from the moment it debuted was already the best and most in-depth resource about the Tchefuncte.

The Tchefuncte River is a small but wide river in southeast Louisiana that runs through the border between Washington and Tangipahoa Parishes, continuing on through St. Tammany Parish all the way to the Lakefront in Madisonville, LA.  The river is at its widest in Covington and Madisonville, where boating and fishing on the Tchefuncte are extremely popular means of recreation.

I have been enjoying this beautiful and scenic river for the past fifteen years.  I fist started going out on the Tchefuncte with a group of friends from St. Paul's School in Covington, Louisiana.  One of my friends' fathers owned a boat, and a group of us would wakeboard, kneeboard and ski behind the boat during the summer months and on weekends during the school year.

I now reside in a one-room apartment on the Tchefuncte.  One day while searching for information regarding fishing in the river, I observed a stark and utter lack of information on the web regarding this pristine resource. I decided to pick up the slack myself, and worked tirelessly for several hours until the website had been completed. is now the official website of the Tchefuncte River, and your first and only source for news, information about the Tchefuncte, articles and photographs involving the river and any events set to take place therein.

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