Friday, March 4, 2011

Unfettered State Socialism: Where To Draw The Line

I recently came across an interesting post over at about what the author termed "unfettered state socialism". I enjoyed the read, and generally agree with the author's position. That said, I do have a couple of observations, which are outlined below. I started writing this post initially as a comment at the bottom of the Libertarian Minds post, but it quickly grew to be lengthy enough to merit its own post.

First, the term "redistributive justice" is an oxymoron.

Second, in virtually all of those poverty-stricken, third-world countries (or "developing nations" for the politically correct) referenced within the post are themselves victims of unfettered state socialism. Cuba and Venezuela, where virtually everyone lives in abject poverty, are probably the finest examples, but the list is extensive. In Africa's case, the poverty afflicting several countries is a bit more complicated in nature than state socialism, largely due to dysfunctional governments failure to provide the basic security necessary for any sort of functional economy to develop. That said, governments and African rulers in general confiscating the wealth and assets of the respective nations' citizens is a common theme throughout. It's a matter of semantics more than anything else I suppose.

Finally, the line should be drawn at the point redistribution of wealth extends beyond providing food, shelter and medical assistance to those physically or mentally UNABLE to work.

Unemployment "benefits" should be available for no more than a month. Likewise for food stamps. The overwhelming majority of all other entitlement programs should be cut entirely.

The only other exception I can think of is military veterans who were active duty during wartime. They should receive whatever they need.

When people know they can get paid for up to three years for NOT WORKING, those of us who do choose to work will be carrying an unsustainable share of the burden. At that rate, sooner or later Atlas will shrug. It's more a matter of if than when.


  1. For the most part I agree.. Gonna post on Old Dogg

  2. I know where to Draw the Line.
    Draw it across the throat.
    That way when the Sword is Swung Socialism will be Be-Headed.

  3. I have just one word to say... workfare.

  4. Lester...

    Why aren't you registering an account at Old Dogg, and submitting this stuff there? Man, get with it! Come over to Old Dogg!



  5. Redistributive justice unfettered is of course unsustainable but that is not what's going down.
    What's coming down is Corporate control wich will negate any strides made in social security,medicare,VA funding and the growing unempoyment benefits etc-etc-. At the cost of moving US jobs by the Corporate Gods to the lowsest out of country bidders.Vote Corporate and kiss the US bye bye.


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