Sunday, April 17, 2011

For the Record: Jennifer Rexford Confirmed to be Fraud

In case you missed it:  I told this Jennifer Rexford character that I'd retract my first two posts and issue and apology, see to it personally that her story gets mainstream publicity and establish a charitable fund in her name to help with medical bills and immediately make a $150 donation towards it IF (and it turned out to be every big as bit of an if as it looked) she could provide independently verifiable information that substantiated her litany of claims.

She could not provide one single detail such as for whom she worked, the name of her supervisor, any officials within the agency, the name of the alleged doctor or nurse nor any other independently verifiable data.

FOR THE RECORD: I generally don't go around attacking sickly women who claim to have been victimized and are dying unless I'm pretty certain reality is far different than they would have you believe it is.

The kind of shit she's pulling is causing families to lose their homes, children to go hungry and an economy to take a critical and unnecessary blow. The Gulf South's economy is centered around 1) Energy; 2) Seafood; 3) Tourism.

Drilling has been completely shut down putting close to 100,000 people out of work. Tourism and seafood are down more than 100% as people around the country and world continue to harbor completely false paranoid suspicions about the Gulf of Mexico. I saw a poll of college students that showed that more than 25% thought the Gulf of Mexico is largely dead and contaminated and more than 15% believed the beaches are black with oil and tar.

Thanks to this idiot, that group of students went to Lake Tahoe instead of Pensacola or Navarre Beach, the family in Michigan stayed away from the shrimp and oysters at the restaurant for fear they were poisoned. In return, the restaurant owner stopped buying the shrimp harvested in the waters surrounding Venice, LA and 42 hotel employees were laid off. Six months down the road with sales still down and bills piling up, the shrimper and his family of six are forced into foreclosure. Their shrimp just weren't selling and when they were they weren't getting enough money for them to support their families. BP did NOT fulfill its promise to make those who make their living from Gulf Seafood whole (additional resources below), and eventually something must give. For families with mortgages, it's usually the house.

Thanks to this idiot, people are still in delusion about the impact of shutting down drilling in the gulf, allowing the government to get away with starving 80,000 workers and their families out of their homes, jobs and livelihoods.

Tens of thousands of people have viewed this scoundrel's videos and to date no one has previously bothered to point out the fact that HER WHOLE ACT IS BULLSHIT!

I might post an online poll at the blog where all this has transpired asking if "rexford" should be adopted by society as a new synonym for the word "bullshit". Who knows, maybe it will catch on.

Someone had to put her in her place and expose not only skepticism of her claims but also the reasons none of what she said made any sense, as well as put on public display the fact then when confronted she cannot provide a shred of independently verifiable evidence about her story.

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  1. Okay, Jennifer sent me the names of two people whose identities I am going to attempt to verify. She also included a dramatically scaled down list of symptoms.

    If anything develops I will create a new post to announce it. Until then, we're going to keep it in the comments as I've already dedicated more than enough space to this story.

    Even if the identities are confirmed (a supervisor at BP and a Dr.), it doesn't necessarily change anything. The list of health ailments she sent with the names in my opinion fall into the category of job safety hazards. Much like football players are fully aware of the possibility of sustaining a severe knee injury (or neck, elbow, back, etc.) when they agree to take a paycheck for the job of playing football, anyone going to work offshore has got to be cognizant of the hazards that go with the territory.

    I didn't observe anything that would justify her trying to become a viral sensation by posing as an oil victim at the direct expense of the real victims, whose seafood people around the world are not buying the way they did before the spill in part because of misinformation about the sate of the Gulf being spread by people like the subject of this post.

    Nonetheless, I will publish an update post if I can confirm either identity. I'm not expecting the doctor to be able to verify anything due to HIPAA, but if she was diligent and faxed him a signed consent form I will include any information I can obtain from him in the post.

    Lastly, be mindful of the fact that two names doesn't necessarily mean the identities can be confirmed as who she said they are. There is a distinct possibility that the names are not legit. We shall see...


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